Spreadsheets and Data


These great resources will help your students acquire, analyse, validate and evaluate various types of data. We start by considering the vast quantities of data now playing an everyday part in our lives, then learn a range of spreadsheet skills via guided tasks. Activities can be completed in Excel or Google Sheets, and we provide all final spreadsheets in both forms.

Files: Data in our Lives / Representing Data / Working with Data / Introducing Spreadsheets / Basic Excel Skills / Google Sheets / Sorting & Filtering / Formulas / Plots and Trendlines / Spreadsheet Practice / Web Searches / Collaborating on Spreadsheets / Validating Data / Data Authenticity / Algorithms and the IF Function / Conditional Formatting / Financials / Pivot Tables / Copying Data / Exporting Data

Includes full answers + all Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets developed along the way. The premium packages include the fixed PDF files as well as the editable Word versions (great for teacher editing or student answers).

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