Authors, Editors and Experts

Becoming an Author

Unlike other publishers, ORB Education can make use of any resource, however small. Worksheets, spreadsheets and PowerPoints can be made part of a collective product, earning you commission on even a single resource.
Additionally, if you have a larger quantity of materials you may develop your own Resource Pack, which will be promoted through our regular mailings and websites.
If you are interested in finding out more information then please contact us for more information.
It is worth remembering that although you earn higher commission for polished products, our editors can work with resources in any form. Most of our resources started life as ‘everyday’ teacher materials.

Editors and Experts

We are always on the lookout for editors to work on new products and experts to advise on curriculum matters. You may have a good ability in certain MS Office applications, an excellent knowledge of the curriculum or just an eye for detail. If you are interested in editing work, then please tell us about your interests. We will look at your abilities and contact you when applicable work becomes available.