Mathematics Task Generator


Create unique sets of tasks for a range of curriculum topics using our new Task Generator. Each sheet of graded problems can be generated and viewed on your PC, whiteboard or projector using the full colour ‘Screen View’ . Solutions can be displayed or hidden at the click of a button. For the perfect lesson, print and copy a worksheet for your students before discussing together as a class on screen.

– Use ‘Screen View’ with your projector or whiteboard

– View and hide answers on screen.

– Use ‘Print View’ to print and copy your worksheets and solution sheets


Whole Numbers (9 generators x 3 levels)

Decimals and Money (10)

Fractions (8)

Equations (9)

Measurement (10)

Number Properties (6)

Cartesian Plane (3)

Angles (3)

Fractions and Percentages (4)

Chance and Data (4)

Grid Paper (6)

Puzzles and more (6)

Sample Pages

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